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What We Check

What's involved in a pre-purchase car inspection from a mechanic in Wollongong?

At The Car Inspector, we take performing pre-purchase vehicle inspections for customers in Wollongong and the surrounding areas very seriously.

When performing an inspection, we check several areas of the vehicle, including:
  • Engine & transmission
  • Tyres, wheels & brakes
  • Drivetrain
  • Steering & suspension
  • Electrical components
  • Undercarriage
  • Interiors, such as door locks & hinges, seat belts & seat trim
  • Exterior, looking for previous bodywork & repairs, and the presence of any rust
We also suggest a test drive as part of this process. Driving the vehicle allows us to gain valuable information about the vehicle we may not otherwise have. When test driving, we will typically ride along with the owner or owners' representative.
Van - Car Inspector in Wollongong, NSW
This test drive will give insight into the following areas:
  • Transmission, clutch & brakes
  • Vehicle acceleration
  • Steering & handling
  • Excessive exhaust smoke
  • Abnormal engine noises
  • Odometer functionality
Call us today to book a pre-purchase inspection for a car you're interested in buying. We offer inspections in our warehouse and on-site throughout Wollongong with our mobile service.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

A pre-purchase vehicle inspection offers a variety of benefits to customers wanting to buy a second-hand car. These benefits include:
  • It will identify any issues with the vehicle that aren't immediately obvious to the untrained eye and may affect your decision to buy
  • You can potentially save money, as you won't need to immediately spend money on repairs - especially if the vehicle is no longer under warranty
  • Buy with confidence, knowing you're purchasing a quality vehicle for a fair price
  • Buy from a distance, knowing that a pre-purchase inspection will help you make an informed, confident decision
  • When selling, you can negotiate a higher price as you can prove your vehicle is in good condition and has been well maintained