Car Buying Tips
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Car Buying Tips

Tips on buying a second-hand car

The Car Inspector aims to make purchasing a second-hand car as easy as possible for our customers in Wollongong and the surrounding area.

As such, we've put together a few tips to make the process of buying a car easy.

If interested in a car at a dealership, call ahead to arrange an inspection. This will give the sales person enough time to get the car out of its parked position, charge the battery if needed, get the paperwork (such as logbooks) ready, etc.

When looking at a vehicle, whether at a dealership or through a private sale, there are a few things you need to ask. These include:
  • The cars service history, how much registration is left & overall condition
  • Is the service history up to date, & have the services been carried out by a licensed mechanic?
  • Is there any money owing on the car?
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Additionally, you'll want to perform your own checks of the car before you call our team for the pre-purchase inspection. When doing your own inspection, make sure you check:
  • The tyres - are they worn evenly, and are there any wheel alignment issues?
  • Do the doors open and close correctly?
  • Does the interior smell? If it does, this could be caused by water leakage which can be expensive to repair.
  • Does the car make unusual noises when started?
  • Do the lights, horn, so on all work?
  • Is the car noisy when being driven? Does it pull to one side?
After all of this, if you're interested in buying the car, check if the chassis number and plate number match those on the registration papers. We also recommend a Personal Properties Security Register check, to see if there is any outstanding money owing on the vehicle, and a history report, which checks a number of aspects of the vehicle's past use, such as if it's ever been written off and the number of registered operators.

The last step is to call The Car Inspector for a comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspection.