What Do We Check

The Car Inspector is highly qualified and trained to specifically evaluate your vehicle, the inspection covers the exterior, interior, engine compartment, and underneath the vehicle. Listed below are some of the items inspected.


Scratches, Pits, fade and Cracks on Windshield and/or Windows

Scratches, Dings, and Dents on panels

Previous body repair

Previous paint work

Body Panel Alignment

Tyre Condition and Tread Depth



Upholstery and carpet condition including tears, stains, burns, and excessive wear

Functionality of electrical components such as radio, power windows, power sunroof, power locks, interior dome light, headlamps, reverse lights, etc.

Functionality of standard features such as side mirrors, emergency brake, cigarette lighter, remote trunk lid, remote fuel cover

Dashboard features- voltage meter, check engine light, ABS light(using our AUTEL Scan Tester)

Evidence of smoke or pungent odours

Testing HVAC systems (Air Conditioning and Heating)

Vehicle Identification Number Verification

Under Bonnet  

Fluid leaks

Hood Alignment and Strut Functionality

Battery Corrosion and Lockdown

Motor oil level & condition

Power Steering level

Brake Fluid level

Unusual engine or transmission noise

Hoses and belts condition

Previous collision damage in the radiator core support area

Under Carriage


Frame Rail Inspection

Fluid leaks

Observable condition of the exhaust system

Previous collision damage

Inspection of rust corrosion

Visible condition of the oil pan, transmission compartment

Previous under carriage repair

Evidence of clamp marks

Test Drive

The Car Inspector suggests a test drive as part of the inspection process. By test driving the vehicle, the inspector will gain valuable information about the vehicle. The inspector will ride along or drive with the owner or the owner's representative. The test drive confirms the following components and/ or issues:

Transmission/ Clutch

Vehicle Acceleration

Steering and Handling

Excessive Exhaust Smoke


Abnormal Engine Noise 

Odometer Functionality



The Car Inspector  reserves the right not to participate in the test drive in the event that he deems the road and/ or weather conditions as hazardous for test driving conditions. This also applies with the road worthiness of the vehicle  The The Car Inspector will make the final decision.